Lighting the Way towards Financial Prosperity, Retirement Transition, & Enduring Family Legacy

Our financial lives are best compared to an experience-rich passage linking three integrated shared journeys…

Meaningful Prosperity

Guiding you to discovering true prosperity by connecting values and experiences with meaningful life goals.

Retirement Transition

Wellness and Choice as we Transition out of our Career or Business.

Legacy Pathway

Expanding Your Journey to Embrace Your Children and the Generations Yet to Come.

For over 30 years Keeler Thomas has been dedicated to helping people make sense of their opportunities and prepare for each stage of their financial life.

Financial Planning

The challenges of making ends meet can be daunting especially with a record number of Baby Boomers entering their retirement years.

Investment Management

The Keeler Thomas portfolio management program defines the objectives to meet the plan objectives and identifies each step needed to take to reach the goals.

KTM Family Legacy Pathways

Learn why less than 10% of families “make it” and successfully plan their legacy.

Meet Our Team

Meet The Team

Financial Insights & Commentary

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