Financial Planning - The Road Towards Financial Independence

Financial Independence is discovering what really matters then following the plan that will help deliver your preferred lifestyle while pursuing those desired goals and objectives.

Foundational services are appropriate for the following:

  • People serious about wanting to plan for a successful retirement regardless of age

  • People transitioning from employment to retirement

  • Pre-Retirees wanting a sustainable strategy for income including Social Security, pensions, retirement plans, etc.

  • People concerned about how to plan for an inheritance

  • 401(k) and 403(b) participants seeking guidance

  • Those who are new to investing

Foundational planning is our keystone process for helping clients begin their personal journey towards financial independence.

It consists of guiding clients through 3 essential questions leading to personal discovery:

#1 – What Matters?

What do you value?

#2 – What are your desired outcomes?

What do you imagine your future can be?

#3 – Where are the Gaps?

What stands in the way between where you are today and what you want to achieve?

We start the journey by using the proprietary KTM What Matters Analysis

This is a structured process that helps guide clients through the three essential steps. Following the analysis, a basic plan can be drawn up as roadmap for moving towards financial independence.

This comprehensive level of planning incorporates a Family Office structure in creating unique financial structures and results.

As a Family Office and independent Registered Investment Advisory, our obligation extends far beyond the scope of a typical financial planner/client relationship. It includes not only accomplishing the goals as defined, but also to perform at a much higher fiduciary criteria for your clients, business owners, and their legacy.

This suite of customized services are best described as a Pathway specifically developed to help bring you to your desired outcomes:

Wealth Planning

Our proprietary and customized planning process leads you through a “pathway” of four basic elements:

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After the comprehensive Planning phase is complete, we then engage an Implementation phase to assure that all the plan elements are in the proper legal and financial structure.

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Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing review is essential to keep the client objectives and goals at the forefront of the planning process.

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Clients best qualified for this comprehensive level of services include but are not limited to:

  • Business owners who are ready to exit/sell their business.
  • Business owners who wish to grow their business.
  • Creative and/or Busy People who are juggling a lot of issues
  • People who are thinking about how their wealth will affect their loved ones.
  • People who wish to create or perpetuate a legacy.
  • People who believe their wealth is a stewardship and feel responsible for it.
  • People who want to be certain they are going to be financially OK.  
  • Philanthropists.
  • Charitable Organizations

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