Wealth Planning: Discovering the Pathway

Our proprietary and customized planning process leads you through a “pathway” of four basic elements:



We engage a unique process to discover “What Matters Most” to you with our proprietary KTM Guided Discovery Program™


This step is designed to empower you and, if married, both spouses together. It will deepen your understanding of “How” and “Why” things work.

Data Analysis.

We start by modeling your current situation using actual data. We then overlay “What If” strategies to see which strategy produces the best Pathway for you to obtain “What Matters Most.”

Identify the Areas of Knowledge that are Needed.

After generating the analysis of your interests, desired outcomes, and needs, we are then able to discuss with you the makeup of your collaborative team.

Planning Benefits for the client from this process are many and include the following:

  • Brings organization, focus, and structure to your current financial situation
  • Targets and strives to reach the goal for desired lifestyle today and tomorrow,
  • Discovers then manages the balance between risk and return to pursue the desired income and asset accumulation goals,
  • Provides asset preservation through risk management,
  • Increases advantages gained through proper tax planning, estate planning, and asset preservation.
  • Builds a Family Legacy that will last to future generations.
  • Implements a plan for Financial Independence.

Planning Deliverable to the Client-What You Get:

Following additional client input, we finalize the overall strategy and goals for the plan. In preparation for our client meetings, where the plan is presented, we complete the following tasks and prepare the final plan outline including:

Finalize Net Worth & Cash Flow Projections

Estate Diagrams

Create analyses/reports all delivered in a Plan Binder

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