Investment Management

Essential Elements of the LifeCycle Investment Planning Program™:


Discover What’s Most Important: Personal & Family

Develop Desired Outcomes in Terms of Lifestyle and Future Goals


Define Financial Wellness & Retirement Vision and Milestones Throughout all Stages of Life

Create Investment Policy Guidelines that Will Support Desired Financial Outcomes


Organize Current Assets around Plan, Prepare for Asset Growth

Review Plan Results and Purposes and Modify as Necessary


Develop Multi-Generational Action Plan to Successfully Pass Forward Family Values, Wealth, Leadership, and Unity

The KTM LifeCycle Investment Planning Program™matches the client’s desired outcomes to an investment portfolio plan on a customized timeline with targeted objectives and planned financial milestones. It includes all the necessary tools, programs, and professional experience to help pursue the client’s targeted outcomes.

Three Key Fundamentals for a Successful Investment Plan

All clients pass through the essential portfolio development process described below. This best occurs following a planning process that develops the essential numbers and parameters that will guide the progress towards the desired outcomes. The very dynamic and at times volatile nature of the investment markets requires a secure knowledge of the financial elements each client must rely on to meet their goals.

Discovering Desired Outcomes

This is a process unique to KTM for discovering your ideal and desired outcomes.

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Building the Portfolio Framework

The next step is a foundational step for all future analysis and investment portfolio management.

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Engaging the LifeCycle Portfolio Blueprint System

The KTM proprietary Blueprint System described below is a product of exhaustive study, application, and experience over several decades.

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