Engaging the LifeCycle Portfolio Blueprint System™

The KTM proprietary Blueprint System described below is a product of exhaustive study, application, and experience over several decades. The system helps to deliver results for clients from their most fundamental needs to those requiring the highest sophistication, knowledge base, and collaborative professional team support. It engages as an essential part of the investment portfolio management process. It acknowledges the key milestones in financial cycles that most people pass through on their journey to financial independence, while still allowing for the customized and unique circumstances all families experience.

Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) is the starting place for many investors. It’s characteristics include:

  • Invest at regular intervals regardless of share price.

  • Professional management is not needed.

  • The objective is to maximize return.

  • Volatility is desired.

The next investment strategy after DCA is Lump  Sum Passive:

  • Optional based on risk tolerance and investment time horizon.

  • The objective is to reduce volatility as much as possible.

  • Organized by asset class to reduce volatility.

  • Mostly equity investments.

At the appropriate trigger point, we change strategies to Lump Sum Active:

  • May use trailing stops when indicated

  • The objectives is to achieve a specific rate of return and minimize volatility

  • Mostly equity investments

This strategy is activated as we near retirement, or financial independence:

  • Income taxes are a concern

  • Convert portfolio assets to income producing investments. The objective is to acquire the assets that produce income in the form of interest, dividends, rents, etc.

  • May use trailing stops when indicated.

At this point, we are dependent on our own assets to provide income:

  • Income production is the highest priority.

  • The objective is to preserve principal and meetin income needs by keeping the need to liquidate capital assets as low as possible.

  • Trailing stops are more important.

This stage can begin early in our strategy as we prepare the family for the legacy we leave behind:

  • The development of next generation capacity to lead the family and retain family wealth, unity, and values across future generations.

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