By providing us with the information below we can estimate the future funds and income available for retirement, as well as the income needed during retirement. We then estimate whether you can expect a shortfall (THE GAP) or a surplus of funds.

If there is a shortfall (THE GAP), suggestions are made on how to help eliminate it. If there is a surplus, suggestions are made on how you can change savings, risk, or costs, yet still potentially have sufficient funds for retirement.

Retirement Gap Analysis

Note: If you are married, add yours and your spouse's values together.

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • *DO NOT include distributions from retirement accounts
  • *At 66 or 67 depending on year of birth. This is the DOLLAR amount you will receive at Full Retirement Age
  • If you are married please provide your spouse's name, date of birth, and FRA Benefit.
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